S.C-C Kitchen Takeover by Chef Black (Blackitch Artisan Kitchen)

SIWILAI CITY CLUB, introduces a new Kitchen Takeover Collaboration Specials creating unique culinary experiences for everyone to enjoy. We are honoured to have the master of fermentation techniques flying in from Chiangmai, Phanuphon Bulsuwan or Chef Black, chef and owner of Blackitch Artisan Kitchen, a 16-seat local fine-dining in Chiangmai. “S.C-C Kitchen Takeover Collaboration Series: Blackitch Artisan Kitchen” offers diners a special taste of set dinner under the concept of Northern and Zero Waste for one special night on Friday 5th April 2019 from 6pm.  

Chef Black will be presenting a special 4-course set dinner which includes black tail chicken fried with Sechuan pepper, local vegetables salad with grilled pork neck Chan style, pork belly Hinlay & sour pork soup with Chiangda served with crispy Leb-krut, all finished off with the enjoyable dessert, sweet coconut milk sticky rice and wild yam, peanut praline and wild yam.

For this SIWILAI CITY CLUB Kitchen Takeover Collaboration Specials, Chef Black’s menu is inspired by zero waste which means waste nothing and use the produce that nature offers. He has utilized local and seasonal Northern based ingredients for his menu. Diners will experience a true style of Northern food, which blends perfectly with the venue’s relaxing atmosphere and live music on offer.



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