S.C-C Kitchen Takeover: Farm To City with JAMPA

In a time where fast consumption and mass production has taken over our planet; and staying true to our philosophy of fresh and local ingredients, we are happy to present: FARM TO TABLE.

For this occasion and to celebrate the opening of JAMPA, the new restaurant concept by the team behind Phuket’s only one-starred Michelin restaurant, PRU, we are offering this exclusive preview experience to all food lovers in Bangkok.

This is a unique opportunity to discover Chef Eiting’s concept of conscious, clean and local cuisine, as well as his philosophy of using each ingredient to its maximum possibilities by exploring less conventional cooking methods. With the latest stint as Sous-Chef at Bali’s leading restaurant Locavore, Chef Chris Eiting is familiar with using Southeast Asia’s local ingredients to create a memorable dining experience. Trained in a number of Michelin-starred restaurants, he has over 10 years of experience working in the kitchen.

The five-course menu highlights fresh and self-produced ingredients, zero-waste cooking and wood-fire techniques.



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