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Color : Cream/Pure Silver

In collaboration with the apparel brand “WIND AND SEA”, which cuts out various trend scenes and continues to make new proposals, we have picked up the “GEL series”, which has been attracting attention in recent years. Among them, ASICS’s popular running shoes “GEL-NIMBUS 9”, which was born in the 90’s, are adopted, and the futuristic high-tech look unique to the item is used as it is, and the blue, which is the brand color of WIND AND SEA, is used. We have adopted the color scheme type and the standard popular white type color development. The casual “SEA logo”, which is familiar and pursues compatibility with street fashion, is turned on to the out counter. The ASICS standard ASICS stripe adopts a silver color scheme, and the GEL that enhances the cushioning applied to the sole is also a design point that enhances the tech atmosphere. It has become a cool sneaker that sublimates street taste with tech.

Upper Material : Artificial leather/synthetic fiber/synthetic resin

Outer Material : Rubber sole