Brand Story

Focusing on sustainably-grown and locally-sourced produce, our reimagined metropolitan café unveils a new identity and second location in the heart of Bangkok’s creative district, Charoen Krung.

Our doors first opened in 2016, sharing a space and style with the SIWILAI Store on the fifth floor of Central Embassy. Venturing out of the CBD, our second location joins Central: The Original Store in Bangkok’s historic Old Town.

At SIWILAI Café, we are all about change, progression, and unity. Our deep-rooted appreciation for all things local is reflected in the way our ingredients and produce are sourced; from the northern mountains down to the coastal bays.

The celebration of Thailand’s thriving coffee culture also continues to strengthen with a new and expanded menu at both locations offering a complete range of premium beans; featuring our single-origin, house, and special blends. Several single-origins are on offer seasonally, all of which are hand-sourced from Thailand’s northern villages. Each offers a unique delicacy and taste note, the beans featured on this season’s menu hail from Nan, Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son, and Tak. Customers can choose their preferred brewing method from the Slow Bar, whether it’s Syphon, Delta-press, or filter using Chemex, Origami, V60, or Kalita.

SIWILAI Café’s new addition of an in-house Giesen W1 micro-roaster also allows for greater control of every step of the process–from the northern farms to guests’ cups. Among the World’s top 3 best coffee roasters, Giesen’s W1 Series combines high quality and extensive functionalities to help masterfully create SIWILAI’s signature coffee profile.

Further reflecting our philosophy and completing the experience, SIWILAI Café’s all-new food menus feature a refreshed range of wholesome Thai-Chinese favorites made with organic, sustainably produced ingredients. At Charoen Krung, guests will find Thai-style and egg-centric breakfasts alongside Chinese-inspired noodle and rice dishes, while the Central Embassy location offers an even more extensive range of local delicacies with a SIWILAI twist. Gift or continue the experience at home with locally-sourced products, including coffee beans, jams, honey, chocolate, chili paste, chili sauce and more.

Whether it’s at the white marble counter or on the terrace overlooking the city at Central Embassy, or in the brick-lined courtyard under the glass panel ceiling in Charoen Krung, SIWILAI Café is the go-to destination for locally sourced freshly brewed coffee and flavorful food, and creative drinks.

Opening Hours:

Level 5 , Central Embassy : Open daily 10 AM – 8 PM

Central: The Original Store : TUE – SUN 10 AM – 6 PM

SIWILAI CAFE at Central Embassy
SIWILAI CAFE at Charoen Krung