Brand Story

Siwilai Sound Club is a timeless bar that elevates music to its nature and advocates sound in its purest form. Designed to create an ergonomic and authentic listening experience, it is split over two floors.

On the first floor, the jazz-focused live room exemplifies elegance. Stage to some of the most talented local and international musicians, the grand piano centerpiece provides a classic focal point as listeners absorb themselves in the astonishingly detailed music delivered by the six surrounding Ojas 12” Coaxial speakers, diligently assembled by artist and sound designer, Devon Turnbull. The atmosphere is enriched by the ever-changing light permeating from the courtyard’s glass ceiling and is intermittently blessed by the appearance of the magical moon high above.

On the second floor, the Audiophile Bar, hosting a pair of custom made OJAS 816 loudspeakers and nourished by our free-form music approach exemplified through the selection of over 1,000 faithfully chosen LPs and Singles, enhances the listening experience. Furthermore, the DJ booth features a set of Technics 1210s equipped with pristine Goldring E3 cartridges and connected to an original Urei 1620 – the holy grail of DJ mixers. All of this is powered by a 2007 McIntosh MC252 solid-state amplifier, the perfect finishing to a dream set-up.

Open: Tuesday to Sunday – from 6 pm to 1 am