In our urban oasis, harmony thrives, as what was once linear turns circular, and what was once used and forgotten begins life anew, SIWILAI introduces, Circular For Good. ​

We draw our inspiration from mother earth to create an experience of mindful clarity and natural harmony. Nature is a giver, of beauty, compassion, and life. But she is not eternal without care, and easily broken by greed. ​

We believe that true change is made inside-out. Through our store, café, and clubs we will aim to influence and engage our employees as well as a larger audience to make a real difference through our initiative.​

Circular For Good celebrates nature’s vitality by awakening the spiritual core within us, redrawing the relationship between man and Mother Earth, while also adopting greener practices for the environment, business, and people. ​ ​

Our initiative will take steps to reduce our environmental footprint and preserve the planet’s natural resources by adopting innovative tools, new practices, and original solutions. ​



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