Patcharavipa is pleased to announce a collaboration with London-based design duo Soft Baroque
and OK-RM design studio, which will be showcased exclusively for one month only at the luxurious
concept store Siwilai, Bangkok. Starting 1st August, ending 1st September 2019.

The presentation is an interchanging relationship between the eccentric imagery from our Twisted
campaign, bending and moulding with Soft Baroque’s world of ulterior. Exploring scale and form,
function and appearance, transformation and illusion. Materiality and craftsmanship continue to be
our core focus. The Twisted campaign imagery delicately wraps, bends and caressingly infuses with
exquisitely crafted furniture objects. This is a true play on the boundaries between furniture
typologies and conceptual representative objects whilst keeping their important principles, which is
common practise for Soft Baroque.

Featuring five unique furniture objects, including a main table, bench, stool and two side tables. They
are made from materials including aluminium, wood, steel and foam. The print processes consist of
vinyl print, direct media print and fabric digital print. The successful union of print and specifically
chosen materials bear witness to a superior attention to detail; in particular, vinyl prints are
individually moulded first before applying to aluminium.

The ensemble layout is designed to create an air of subtle provocation, an act to evoke and stimulate
conversations of the complex marriage between materials, origins, boundaries and journeys. Laid
upon the table tops will be an exquisite jewellery selection from our Twisted, Gingko Metrics,
Tushroom and Tiny collections, naturally captivating an audience’s gaze for closer inspection,
creating a more intimate and intense bond and experience. And to commemorate Mother’s Day in
Thailand, Tiny Collection will be releasing a special piece, a Tiny Swallow Bird, representing
pureness and true love between mother and child, which will be available at the éphémère.



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