Our Process

Pour Over

Nothing fancy going on here, just our barista and a few simple tools like a kettle, coffee dripper, filters and a server. But the result showcases the delicate and complex side of coffee, so much more than a coffeemaker’s coffee can ever do. It also brings out the flavor profiles of single origin beans.


Coffee that is free from the constraints of gravity! A simple and quick way to make a full-bodied, flavorful, and high-quality cup of coffee using pressure–as you would for espresso–to bring out exotic flavor profiles of the coffee beans.

French Press

Dense and heavy, French-pressed coffee has its own sort of elegance and class. When hot water gets pressed through coffee grounds, the oils and aromas are released to create a smooth, rich and indulgent feel. Such an uncomplicated way of brewing a perfect cup.


Easily one of the coolest machines around, the Siphon makes use of vapor pressure to transport water from the bottom bowl to the upper chamber. There, ground coffee beans get infused into the water before the gravity and pressure drop pulls the coffee liquid down, giving you a delicate, earthy, almost tea-like cup of joe.



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